MCJ_Feb042011_0376-copy2We have RV spaces as large as 15′ x 50′!

Ideal for those seeking maximum security of their investment, indoor RV storage (or storage of any valuable toy) ultimately adds thousands of dollars to the trade-in & resale value of your vehicle.

Protecting expensive RV’s, 5th Wheels, Motor Homes and other vehicles from harsh weather is critical. Indoor storage virtually eliminates sun damage, which goes without saying can be very detrimental to roof, paint, tires, rubber moldings and caulking. Interior damage to window treatments, tints, coverings, woods, upholstery and fabrics due to excessive heat and direct light rays from the sun are also eliminated when RV’s, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Motor Homes are stored at an indoor storage facility.

Tire cracking is caused by a combination of solar and ozone exposure, under inflation and being parked for extended periods of time. All tires age, but premature degradation from the outdoor elements can result in necessary tire replacement, a hefty expense.